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Wellness.MA is dedicated to helping you find answers and discover resources useful for improving your health and fitness now... for the best quality of life in your future.

Here are some common questions we hope to answer:

  • Why are some people healthy while others are not?
  • What does the mind and spirit have to do with health?
  • Why do I need to be concerned with wellness now?

Fact: virtually every human being will have a health crisis at some point in their life.

Will you be successful at preventing a health crisis in your life?

"The difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is that the successful person does what the unsuccessful person does not want to to."

What do you want to do? Will you put off wellness or do you want to plan and work now for a healthier future?

Most people wait for a major health crisis like cancer, heart problems or macular degeneration before they are motivated to improve their health. However, when a crisis occurs, the human body has already arrived at a broken-down state and it may be too late. When this happens most people are left feeling afraid, worried, helpless and discouraged... hardly the emotions needed to produce a successful outcome. In fact, the stresses produced by these emotions further break down the body at a time when it needs to be built up. There is now not only a crisis in one's health, but a crisis in the mind and spirit. In addition, if there was no prior wellness planning or preparation, then there are no "tools" emotionally, spiritually or physically to effectively deal with a health crisis. At this point, the effort required to get out of a health crisis and persue wellness, and the stress of negative emotions can be overwhelming. Massive efforts in the whole person (body, mind and spirit) have to be rallied if there will be any hope of overcoming the health crisis. Why not act quickly using exercise and natural means against symptoms like fatness/obesity, aches and pains, tendinitis/tendonitis, bursitis or allergies before things get worse?

We hope that you will not allow yourself to ever be in the situation just described. You can begin a continuous wellness journey that will start now, leading the way to a healthy and fun future. Why not start clicking and learning about wellness?

Wellness.MA is not intended to replace your doctor, spiritual or psychological councellor. The content of this site is for informational purposes only. Please consult a qualified physician or professional when you have a spiritul, psychological, wellness or health requirement.

Note: Incorrect spelling: Alergy Relief, Alergies

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